Limo in Seattle

Book your airport transfer when you book airline tickets. Most companies get sold out at least 2 weeks prior. So book early and get on the calendar. Don’t worry about the last minute.
At All Black Limo in seattle, you don’t lose your money in case the trip gets canceled. You can always cancel up to 24 hours before pickup time. Or we can simply change the date for you at no cost. We’re very flexible. 
Limo in Seattle

Travel during the holiday season with limo in Seattle| Take a few Tips to make it easier

give a minimum of 3 hours for domestic flights and 4 hours for international. 
⁃Get a mobile boarding pass and Print bag drop labels at home so no need to wait in lines
⁃Get TSA PRECHECK or CLEAR. Wait Times are longer than 2 hours for Thanksgiving and Christmas travels. Lines stretch out to the garage. 
⁃Pack lightly. Take only what you need. Like carry-on. We offer free car seats if needed. 
⁃Pack essentials wisely: medications, valuables, and important documents in their carry-on luggage if checked baggage is delayed or lost.
⁃Take an ALL-BLACK LIMO in seattle to the airport. It’s cheaper. Seatac charges $329 for a week. Parking your car at home is safer than the airport and a round trip to most places is cheaper than parking at the airport. 
⁃Meet your chauffeur in the garage Limo Parking. It’s safer and faster than terminal pickup. (The garage is only 30 seconds from baggage claim)
⁃Checkpoint 3 is always faster unless you have Precheck of clear. 
⁃International passengers should download CBP MPC for faster clearance in customs this is a free app on the App Store and Play Store. You can also use Global entry too. 
⁃Book your car one hour past the arrival time. Customs usually take 2-3 hours depending on what time you arrive. Mid-day traffic at customs is very busy with multiple flights landing at the same time. 
⁃We’re here to assist you in any matter. Please follow the chauffeur’s directions for the best experience. We’ll see you on your next trip.

Baggage storage 

⁃You can store your bags at Smarte Carte located between carousal 9&10. Rates for bags starts at $14. These businesses are open from 7 am to 11 pm.
Limo in seattle
Limo in Seattle
Limo in Seattle

Lost & Found

Located is located at carousel 13. Open 7 days a week. 

•Hours: Open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m Pacific Time.

•Closed: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Thanksgiving

•Location: in the baggage claim area, across from Carousel 13. Use our dynamic map to find your way around the airport.

•Phone: (206) 787-5312

Airline service centers

Alaska Airlines- Located at carousel 13. Open from 5am to Midnight
Delta Airlines
Located at carousel 5. Open 5am to midnight. 
Southwest Airlines
located at carousel 10. Open 5am to midnight. 
United Airlines
Open 5am to midnight
Limo in Seattle

Parking at Limo in Seattle Airport

Parking is open twenty hours a day. Daily terminal parking starts at $10 an hour. Weekly at $329. We strongly recommend taking All Black Limo in seattle to airport. It’s cheaper and safer. 
If you flying red-eye, make sure you add extra 45-60 minute for terminal traffic. Traffic open gets backed up to the highway.  Second option for drop-off is link light rail station on International Blvd and walk over to terminal. This will save that 45 minutes of being stuck in traffic.

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